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Product Description: Silicone Masterbatch are pelletized micro-dispersions of special ultra high molecular weight siloxane in various plastic carrier resins at loadings of up to 50%. Siloxane Masterbatches are produced in solid form for ease of use. They typically contain 25 - 50% ultra high molecular weight siloxane (>15 million cSt) dispersed with an average particle size of 5 microns in various thermoplastics. The siloxane polymer component of the Siloxane Masterbatches eliminates blooming as well as migration of fluids and other organic plastic additives, which can occur when using lower molecular weight silicone/materials.

These unique masterbatches are typically used:

  • To modify the surface of finished plastic parts for friction management (reduction of Coefficient of Friction)
  • To improve Scratch, mar resistance and wear resistance
  • As process aids to improve Filler dispersion, improve melt flow for cycle time reduction
  • As mould release agent to eliminate use of hazardous Silicone spray
  • To improve self lubrication in moving / sliding parts

Low concentrations (0.1 - 1.0%) of these siloxane masterbatches offer:

  • increased compounding efficiency
  • improved polymer flow and mold filling
  • cycle time reduction
  • lower extruder torque
  • easier mold release
  • Concentrations of 1% to 5% siloxane can provide significantly improved surface properties, including better lubricity, gloss and slip, and improved Scratch & mar resistance.
  • The masterbatch can significantly reduce the coefficient of friction of a polymer without affecting post-finishing operations such as printing, plating, and painting.

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