Our product range includes a wide range of Thermoplastic Elastomers and SEBS Material .

Product Description: Thermoplastic Elastomers (commonly known as TPE) based on SEBS, SBS or POE elastomer, combine the unique elastic and soft touch characteristics of conventional rubbers with the ease of processing and recyclability of thermoplastics. TPE provides the best balance of cost versus performance to improve productivity, functionality, and ergonomics, as well as visual and tactile characteristics.

TPE is a ready-to-use compounded material offered in granule form. The consumption of energy and time is very low and offers more economical control which makes the quality of product finest. TPEs can be easily colored by using conventional color masterbatches and liquid colorants and pigments. This material can be molded using standard/conventional thermoplastics process equipment. Thermoplastics Processing gives beneficial advantages over vulcanized, thermoset rubbers which are comparatively slower and more expensive process oriented. Our TPE formulations are 100% recyclable and also are available in RoHS, FDA, REACH compliant formt.
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